Watch BLACKBIRD on SBS On Demand & a DVD on the Way

Rosa - Regina Lepping in Blackbird short film directed by Amie Batalibasi

BLACKBIRD is here!

Our short film BLACKBIRD has played at film festivals around the world and now after our recent national screening on NITV, it’s officially available to watch in Australia via SBS On Demand until mid-November 2017. And it’s November already!

Link to watch & share: 

Blackbird'Blackbird' tells the story of Solomon Islander siblings, Rosa and Kiko, who were kidnapped from their island home to work on a sugar cane plantation in Queensland, Australia in the late 1800s.

Stream now on SBS On Demand:

Posted by SBS Australia on Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Many people had been waiting to see the film and the response on social media has been overwhelming with tens of thousands of views of the online preview alone! It’s been a very special experience to be able to shed light on the history of Blackbirding through this short film via a national platform.

If you know anyone who might be interested in watching the film please share the above link, check out our Facebook Page and tag your peeps. We appreciate your support.


I’m aware that many people outside of Australia (who don’t have access to SBS on Demand) also want to see our short film BLACKBIRD.

I’ve had requests for a DVD from the Solomon Islands, Fiji, NZ, Vanuatu, London (and Australia) just to name a few!! This film was made through my university studies so I’m currently negotiating with them to make a DVD available in collaboration with a distribution company.

This might take a little time, so we appreciate your patience, but you can sign up, list your name on our expression of interest form to receive updates of when and how a DVD will be made available.

Click through to register here: