Tide of Change, 11 mins
January 2010
Filmmaker Amie Batalibasi went back to visit family in the seaside village of Lilisiana, Solomon Islands, at a time when the village was affected by the extreme high tides due to climate change. Tide of Change documents the stories of the people, interwoven with the events surrounding the loss of a loved one, as the sea rises around a community on the brink of inevitable change.


Festival of Pacific Arts, Film Program, Honiara, Solomon Islands, July, 2012

Flickerfest 21st International Film Festival, Bondi Beach, Sydney, Jan 15, 2012

FIFE Festival International du Film d’Environnement, Paris, France. Nov 2011.

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, Tokyo, Japan, June, 2011.

Reel Change Environmental Film Festival, Palmerston Nth, New Zealand, May 2011.

Human Rights Arts & Film Festival, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth; May 2010.

Dungog Film Festival, Dungog, NSW, Australia, May 2010

H20 Environmental Film Festival, Moscow, Russia, June 2010.

Planet in Focus International Environmental Film Festival, Toronto, Canada, October 2010.

One World Film Festival, Ottowa, Canada, November 2010.

Development & Climate (D&C) Days Film Festival, Cancun Mexico, December 5, 2010.

Tide of Change film still 'Lilisiana Village' by Amie Batalibasi