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Australian South Sea Islander cane cutters on a sugar cane plantation in Queensland SLQ

Blackbird Film Shines a Light on a Dark Part of Australian History

JUNE 2015 Melbourne based Australian Solomon Islander filmmaker Amie Batalibasi has embarked on a journey to tell a story that has so often been left out of mainstream Australian history dialogue. The Australian South Sea Islanders (ASSI) are the descendants of some estimated 55,000 to 62,500 Pacific Islanders who were […]

ASSI Stories Animation Set Jacintha Jessika and Amie left to right WEB

Australian South Sea Islander Stories Film Festival

Inaugural film festival to share Australian South Sea Islander stories An inaugural free one-day festival of Australian South Sea Islander film, arts, food and music will be held at BEMAC in Brisbane on Sunday 14 December 2014. The event is the culmination of a 12-month project, funded by the Australian […]

Australian South Sea Islander 150 Commemoration Festival

This August I volunteered for a group called the Australian South Sea Islander Secretariat (ASSIS) in Brisbane, Queensland. ASSIS is a group that works to be a representative voice for the descendants of 62,000 Pacific islanders who were brought to Australia in the late 19th Century to work on the […]

Fishing for Culture film project coming to an end…

It’s been really great working on the Fishing for Culture project since 2012. The film is about 50mins in total and explores stories from 5 individuals and one group from diverse cultural backgrounds. It’s been an honor to direct and produce this film and meet wonderful people along the way […]

Festival of Pacific Arts

We were fortunate to be able to hold the International Premiere of the Pacific Stories 2011 short films during the festival. Amie and Lisa were on hand to present the films to an absolutely packed house – it was hot, steamy and tropical in that big auditorium but that didn’t stop […]

Culture and Fishing in Victoria

Fishing For Culture is a community film project initiated by Fisheries Victoria. I am happy to be on board as the the filmmaker. Fishing is important to many different cultures for many different reasons and as such, this 30 minute film will document some of the fishing stories from around […]