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• The Australian: “Blackbird tells the grim tale of slavery in Queensland’s cane fields”, Feb 2019.

• The Australian: “Nyawuda Chuol and Amie Batalibasi break through barriers”, Feb 2019.

• The Age: DOCKED short film review, Melbourne Women in Film Festival 2019.

• The Age: “Melbourne Women in Film Festival spotlights hidden faces of Australian cinema“, Feb 2019.

• NITV/ SBS: “Blackbird – a journey of honouring my ancestors“, by Amie Batalibasi, Dec 2018.

Loud and Clear: Interview with Amie Batalibasi: Momentary.

• NITV/ SBS: “Blackbird: an emotional film tells the untold history of Australia’s sugar slaves”, 2017.

The Wheeler Centre for Books, Writing and Ideas: “Working with Words: Amie Batalibasi”.

Inside Film: “Melbourne’s Amie Batalibasi named recipient of Sundance Institute fellowship”.

Talanoa: “Amie Batalibasi and Blackbird the Film”.

Wellywood: “Amie Batalibasi — Winner of Sundance’s Merata Mita Fellowship”.

The Star Weekly: “Footscray Filmmaker Wins Sundance Fellowship”.

• West Art Now – “Boundless: Creative Women of the West”.

ABC Tropical North – “Short film highlights history of blackbirding”, July 2015.

The Star Weekly: “Blackbird Takes Flight”, Melbourne, 24 June, 2015.

West Art Now: “Bittersweet – sugar cane’s history exposed by Footscray filmmaker”, 17 June, 2015.

Solomon Star: “Blackbird’ the Film”, Honiara, Solomon Islands, 10 June, 2015. 

ABC Tropical North: “Australian South Sea Islander history to be reflected in short film”, Mackay, Queensland, 10 June, 2015. 

The Daily Mercury: “Filmmaker draws on family history in her documentary”, Mackay, Queensland, 6 June, 2015.

Stella Magazine: “Film ‘Blackbird’ shines light on Pacific Islander sugar slaves in Australia”, June, 2015.

• Project Ink Blot – “Outside of the Box”, NYC based Online Publication, 2012.

RADIO/ Podcasts

• Not Nosy Podcast, USA: Interview with Amie Batalibasi, 2019.

• Interview for Women On The Line 3CR Community Radio program hosted by Areej Nur chatting about BLACBIRD and Colour Box Studio (also includes interview with Shug Avery about The Color Purple), Oct 2016: Listen Here – conversation starts at 13:35.

• “Blackbird Interview with Amie Batalibasi” Greg King’s Film Reviews, Podcast, Melbourne, December 2015.

Radio New Zealand International, Radio Interview, 7 July 2015 with ‘Blackbird’ director Amie Batalibasi.