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The Australian: “Blackbird tells the grim tale of slavery in Queensland’s cane fields”, Feb 2019.

The Australian: “Nyawuda Chuol and Amie Batalibasi break through barriers”, Feb 2019.

The Age: DOCKED short film review, Melbourne Women in Film Festival 2019.

The Age: “Melbourne Women in Film Festival spotlights hidden faces of Australian cinema“, Feb 2019.

NITV/ SBS: “Blackbird – a journey of honouring my ancestors“, by Amie Batalibasi, Dec 2018.

Momentary: Loud and Clear: Interview with Amie Batalibasi.

NITV/ SBS: “Blackbird: an emotional film tells the untold history of Australia’s sugar slaves”, 2017.

The Wheeler Centre for Books, Writing and Ideas: “Working with Words: Amie Batalibasi“.

Inside Film: “Melbourne’s Amie Batalibasi named recipient of Sundance Institute fellowship“.

Talanoa: “Amie Batalibasi and Blackbird the Film“.

Wellywood: “Amie Batalibasi — Winner of Sundance’s Merata Mita Fellowship“.

The Star Weekly: “Footscray Filmmaker Wins Sundance Fellowship”.

• West Art NowInterview: Amie Batalibasi.

ABC Tropical North – “Short film highlights history of blackbirding“, July 2015.

The Star Weekly: “Blackbird Takes Flight”, Melbourne, 24 June, 2015.

ABC Tropical North: “Australian South Sea Islander history to be reflected in short film”, Mackay, Queensland, 10 June, 2015. 

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Stella Magazine: “Film ‘Blackbird’ shines light on Pacific Islander sugar slaves in Australia“, June, 2015.

• Project Ink Blot – “Outside of the Box“, NYC based Online Publication, 2012.

RADIO/ Podcasts

Not Nosy Podcast, USA: Interview with Amie Batalibasi, 2019.

3CR Community Radio – Women On The Line hosted by Areej Nur (also includes interview with Shug Avery about The Color Purple), Oct 2016: Listen Here at 13:35.

• “Blackbird Interview with Amie BatalibasiGreg King’s Film Reviews, Podcast, Melbourne, December 2015.

Radio New Zealand International, Radio Interview, 7 July 2015, Interview with ‘Blackbird’ director Amie Batalibasi.