Ka Puta Ko Au - Native Slam, Maoriland Film Festival.

Ka Puta Ko Au – Native Slam, Maoriland Film Festival.

Set in pre-colonial Aotearoa New Zealand this short film is the story of a young mother from a devastated tribe who travels into enemy territory to make a proposition that could end the suffering of both.

Native Slam 2, Maoriland Film Festival 2017Conceptualised, written, directed & edited in 72 hours for the Native Slam initiative as part of Maoriland Film Festival, this film ‘Ka Puta, Ko Au’ is a writing & directing collaboration between indigenous filmmakers Renae Maihi (Māori, NZ) Amie Batalibasi (Solomon Islander, Australia) & Kelton Stepanowich (First Nations Canadian).

Produced by Lara Northcroft in conjunction with the Māoriland Film Festival the film was made possible by the resources & support from fellow Te Arawa tribesmen & women of Rotorua, New Zealand.

Ka Puta Ko Au

Ka Puta Ko Au, film still.

Writer/ Directors: Amie Batalibasi, Renae Maihi, Kelton Stepanowich
Producer: Lara Northcroft
Executive Producer: Libby Hakaraia
Native Slam Executive Producer: Pauline Clauge
Supported by Maoriland Film Festival & New Zealand Film Commission