Australian South Sea Islander Stories

ASSI Stories Group WEB
ASSI Stories group at Stradbroke Island. © ASSI Stories.

ASSI Stories is a multimedia storytelling project for Australian South Sea Islanders to explore heritage, identity and story through video, photography and a website.

ASSI Stories is about storytelling, education and awareness. ASSI community members attended storytelling and media workshops in Brisbane throughout 2014, to learn how to turn their story into a video or photo story.

The videos and media produced by project participants were presented in a public event in Brisbane at the end of the project. A Facebook page ( and website showcases the works created and acts as a platform for other regional ASSI community members to get involved.


View one of the stories below and find all of the short films on the ASSI Stories website:

Australian South Sea Islanders Secretariat Inc. (Brisbane) is the principle project partner in collaboration with Creative Producer and Filmmaker Amie Batalibasi.

The ASSI Stories project is funded by the Australian Council for the Arts through the 2014 Creative Producer grant.