This 360VR work, Aeasi, is an exploration of the connection between my Solomon Islands family and our relationship to the sea and storytelling, how the two are inextricably linked as the basis of a community and a cultural history. The sea is not only the sole source of cultural and economic livelihoods but the very thing that will shift a way of life due to the affects of rising seas. 

Viewers will stand in the village, become a passenger in a canoe and dive down to a reef under the water, to experience the stories shared.

The film was created collaboratively with the filmmaker’s family over a period of one week. 

AWARD: BEST DIGITIAL WORK – imagineNATIVE Film Festival, Toronto, Canada, 2018.


Darwin Festival, Australia, 2019.

imagineNATIVE Film Festival in Toronto, Canada, 2018

Pasifika Film Festival, Sydney and Canberra, 2018

AEASI 360VR at Darwin Festival

AEASI 360VR at Darwin Festival’s Shifting Realities Program, 2019.

Aeasi by Amie Batalibasi 360VR

Aeasi by Amie Batalibasi 360VR

imagineNATIVE Best Digital Work AEASI

imagineNATIVE Film Festival Award: Best Digital Work – “AEASI”